We love sugar!


We remove hair in the salon using sugar.
Sugar from our favourite brand Pandhy’s.
Now what makes this sugar so popular in our salon?

The sugar from Pandy’s is formulated according to an old recipe from the middle east.
This preparation is 100% natural and consists only of water and sugar.
Glucose and fructose, to give the secret away
Free from chemicals, fragrances, colourings, lemon juice and other acids :-).
I’m sure you are also happy about that!

Another great thing is that we can remove hair from any area of the body with our sugar.
Uhm, we don’t however do head hair or beards.
For these areas, a pair of scissors or trimmer is still more appropriate.
The specialists at Kapsalon Trenz (in the same building) will be happy to take care of that for you.

Want to experience how sweet and effective our sugar is for your body?
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