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Eyebrow resin, waxing, sugaring or tinting

You can come to us to have your eyebrows shaped, touched up or tinted. 

Eyelash tinting or lifting

We offer two options for the eyelashes:

You can give your eyelashes a temporary new colour by having them tinted. With this, your eyes will stand out that little bit more and your eyelashes will be more visible.

Or you can go for eyelash lifting, aka the Lashlift. Lash lifting is currently an enormous hype worldwide. The eyelash lifting, or Lash Volume Lifting, is ideal for you if you want those seductive eyelashes, but without extensions. 

With lashlift, the natural eyelashes are curled from the roots, which creates an open glance, making the eyelashes appear longer. Afterwards, the eyelashes are tinted, eventually giving the eyelashes a mascara-look. That extra bit more beautiful, so go ahead and put your mascara away for the time being πŸ™‚

The keratin-boost that your eyelashes receive at the end of the treatment will need to dry properly for the real β€œI woke up like this” effect. You should therefore prevent your eyelashes from getting wet within the first 24 hours following the treatment. After this 24-hour period, it is possible to go swimming etc.

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