Body sugaring

Body Sugaring, a natural alternative to resin or wax​

Body sugaring is a hair removal technique using sugar.The sugar paste that we use for this treatment is composed of glucose and fructose, the body’s own sugars, and is suitable for the entire body.

Resins, Waxing or hair removal using sugar?

In contrast to the more common hair removal techniques, resins/waxing, hairs are removed in the direction of growth with Body Sugaring. This prevents hair follicles from tilting and, as a result, reduces the number of ingrown hairs.
Moreover, this method is perceived as being less painful that other hair removal methods.

The sugar is natural, anti-bacterial and has a skin peeling effect, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

An additional advantage of sugaring is the more you do it, the less the hairs grow and the longer the intervals become between treatments. Plus, the hairs that do grow back are much softer and thinner.

How does the hair removal work then?

The sugar is applied to the skin at body temperature by hand. Through stroking movements of the hand, the sugar, thanks to its specific composition, is able to encompass the hair up to the follicle and completely remove it.

Pro tips: for your first body sugaring!

Actually, is it always possible to do sugaring. However, personally, I think the hairs are easiest to remove when they are a length of around 0.8 mm. Shorter is also possible although the treatment will take longer.

  • It is also important not apply any fatty products on the area where the hair will be removed, on the day of the treatment.
  • And have you just shaved? Wait then 2 weeks to allow the hair to grow to a sufficient length.
  • In our salon we treat the skin after sugaring with nourishing products. You will achieve the best results by continuing to use these recommended products on your skin at home.
  • And oh yeah, do not book your treatment for right before you plan on sitting in the sun, going swimming, doing sports or going to the sauna. Sugar preferably 48 hours in advance.

Body sugaring Price list

We apply an initial fee of €7, below are the zones:
  • Brazilian (incl bilnaad)  €30
  • Brazilian  €25
  • Bikini  €15
  • Oksels  €13
  • Bovenlip  €8
  • Kin  €8
  • Wangen/kaak  €11
  • Onderbenen  €32
  • Bovenbenen  €32
  • Onderarmen  €25
  • Bovenarmen   €20
  • Rug  €30
  • Borst  €20
  • Buik  €15
Is your desired zone not indicated? Feel free to get in contact. With sugar, it is possible to remove hair from all areas of the body. At the moment we DO NOT offer a boyzilian.

VIPcard for Body Sugaring

Since 2018, Ekowellness provides a VIP card to all our loyal sugar fans. Sugaring is incredibly popular in the salon because it is less painful, gives a more beautiful result than waxing and truly leads to reduced hair growth. (Reduced hair growth also means a shorter treatment time) The treatments for our loyal sugar fans are therefore usually shorter and with the VIP card also quite a bit cheaper. Curious about our VIP card? We will be happy to tell you more during your treatment!
Body sugaring as an alternative to waxing
Hair removal by body sugaring
Body sugaring sugar
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