Foot reflex massage

Prior to the foot reflex massage, you will start to unwind with a foot bath. Being a qualified foot reflex therapist, Ursula can, in consultation with you, give you a targeted foot reflex massage. This can be purely for relaxation, but also for a number of physical and/or mental complaints. 

Think about, for example, a burn-out, headache, intestinal complaints, hormone related complaints or back pain. But also, in the case of full-term pregnancy, to stimulate contractions, or for subfertility problems.

The massage itself lasts around 45 minutes.  

Back Massage

The back massage is intended for relaxation, but can also be given for back, neck and jaw complaints. In case you would like the back massage because of a specific complaint, we advise you to book a 30-minute body massage with Renee, because she is specialized in this. 

Zen / Boost / Detox back

This back treatment is designed to help you rediscover your Zen. Total relaxation is our goal. You will receive a foot bath, relaxing back peeling, a relaxing back massage and a short foot massage. 

If you choose for the Boost or Detox, we will adjust the products, oils and focus accordingly. The different parts to the treatment remain the same :-).

Body Massage

We offer a 30-, 60- or 90-minute body massage.
Renee is the massage therapist in our team and is internationally trained.
The body massage can be tailored towards diverse physical complaints. For example, work related complaints such as RSI, neck/shoulder and back
Sport massages are also a specialty of Renee, as well as pelvic floor related complaints. Additionally, Renee can give some mobility exercises in support for further home practice or as a preventative measure.

In our booking system, you can simply choose for body massage. This will be later customized in discussion with you. 

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is suitable for during (as well as before and after) pregnancy. Pregnancy causes a (temporary) change in your body. This massage can be focused on relaxation, but also on your specific complaints. Pelvic floor and breathing techniques may play a central role in (sub)fertility problems. 

The treatment lasts 75 minutes.

We adhere to the COVID-19 hygiene protocol according to ANBOS. Please bring a face mask along with you. Click here to see the protocol.