Natural Face Lifting

Skin improvement on a 100% natural basis, without plastic surgery and without any injections, stitches or staples!
NATURAL FACE LIFTING is a manual rejuvenation treatment for the face, neck and décolletage.
A natural facelift for women and men.
The skin is lifted in a natural way using a variety of massage techniques developed by the founder of the NOÚS Academy, Inge Deceunick.
It is a unique technique that had achieved international acclaim.

Ursula Ebeling has been personally trained as a Natural Face Lifting Therapist by Inge Deceuninck.

How does natural face lifting work?

Natural Face Lifting is a unique technique that has achieved international acclaim.
Muscle tone increasing techniques are employed because the muscle tone (the firmness in the face) decreases with ageing. Decreased muscle tone can be recognized, for example, by saggy cheeks, the appearance of a double chin, a deeper philtrum (upper lip groove) and/or drooping eyelids.
We also apply a connective tissue massage whereby the bottom-most skin layer is treated, collagen production is stimulated and the elastin in the skin is strengthened.    Furthermore, we are able to stimulate bone strength through bone frictions. During ageing, bone strength reduces, however, if we manage to retain this strength, we will also maintain a more youthful-looking appearance in your face. 

Below you can view a clip of a Natural Face Lifting treatment given by Inge Deceunink herself.

Results of natural face lifting

  • General fitness is improved
  • Deep wrinkles fade
  • Fine wrinkles disappear 
  • Eye contour becomes smoother
  • The skin appears and feels firmer and more elastic
  • Sagging areas become lifted
  • Improved blood flow to the skin
  • Higher oxygen supply to the cells
  • Increased production of, amongst others, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Results can vary from person to person

Prices, courses and treatments

The treatment takes around 50 minutes, during which the skin is cleansed and the face lifting massage is given. One course consists of a minimum of 2 treatments per week.

  • Intake meeting € 15
  • Single (maintenance) treatment € 62
  • Course of 6 treatments (incl. intake meeting)€ 352
  • Course of 10 treatments (incl. intake meeting) € 560
  • Course of 15 treatments (incl. intake meeting) € 799

In order to maintain the results of one course for as long as possible, it is recommended that one repeats the treatment every 4-6 weeks.